Benefits of Membership

  • Members receive information and support through a newsletter, membership directory, groundwater events and special bulletins.

  • Monthly Meetings, held on the third Wednesday of each month at lunch or in the evening, feature speakers on topics important to the groundwater professional.

  • Holiday and annual meetings provide opportunities for members to socialize and network with colleagues.
  • Technical workshops inform members on useful topics such as water rights, microcomputers and computer modeling, time management, hazardous waste, geophysics, groundwater law, vadoze zone processes and more.

  • Annual field trips offer members excellent learning and networking opportunities.

CGWA offers information and support, opportunities for networking with colleagues, and valuable programs and workshops about issues and topics pertinent to groundwater. Plus, CGWA provides ways and means for members to serve their professional communities more effectively.


Nathan Anderson

Roger Anderson

Aaron Bandler

Allie Beikmann

Kimberly Brandy Baldwin

Megan Brown

Travis Brown

Chris Canfield

Emily Carbone

Janet Castle

Nora Catolico

Jacob Dantin

Kevin Donegan

Andrew Eilers

Anna Elgqvist

Trever Ensele

Andrew Flor

John Fontana

Barbara Ford

Michael Furtaw

Brian Gibson

Scott Griebling

Bryan Grigsby


Mary Halstead

Eric Harmon

Michael Hattel

Reiner Haubold

Kelsey Haworth

Kurt Hinaman

Andy Horn

Brandon House

Mark Hutson

Emily Jacobson

John Jansen

Heather Justus

Dave Lipson

Matthew Machado

Mike Martin

Mark McCluskey

Dennis McGrane

Dustin McNeil

Joe Meigs

Pam Mettler

Dan Niemela

Charles Norris

Paul Oldaker


Mark Palumbo

William Pedler

Kent Peterson

Eileen Poeter

Tammi Renninger

Matt Sares

Matthew Seitz

Betsy Semmens

Michael Smith

Joel Sobol

Brian Straight

James Sutherland

Hoyt Sutphin

Robin Swank

Ralf Topper

Ryan Van Pelt

Daniel Weber

Matthew Welsh

Lacey Williams

Lee Wilson

Gary Witt

Chunming Yu