The UPPER Pierre Aquifer - Northern Colorado

Theresa Jehn-Dellaport, President, Quantum Water and Environment

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 @ 12:00pm

Golder Associates
44 Union Boulevard, 6th Floor
Lakewood, CO 80228


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Golder Associates

44 Union Boulevard, 6th Floor

Lakewood, CO 80228



The Upper Pierre aquifer (UPA) is a partially defined and largely unexplored aquifer located in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming.  The UPA is in the upper portion of the Piera Shale Formation below the transition zone of the Fox Hills Formation (the bottom of the Denver Basin aquifer sequence).  It is a fine-grained sandstone, siltstone with thickness ranging up to 1000 feet in some areas.  Wells installed in the aquifer produce between 100 and 300 gallons per minute.

This talk will discuss where the aquifer is currently known to exist, the history of the exploration, water court cases, the COGCC study, cross sections developed by the State Engineers Office, independent research, how the resource is important to the Colorado Water Plan and the next steps.


Theresa Jehn-Dellaport, President, Quantum Water & Environment

Theresa has over 26 years of experience in groundwater and surface water evaluations, feasibility studies, large municipal water well design, aquifer storage and recovery, surface and groundwater rights studies, plans for augmentation, substitute supply plans, surface water hydrology studies, aquifer pump test analysis, monitoring well and water well design, construction and testing, and specification preparation for large municipal and domestic water supply wells. She also has extensive experience in directing large multidisciplinary technical staff, subcontractors and consultants.