CVEN-5334, Groundwater Hydrology at CU Denver, 5:00-6:15 pm starting Monday 8/19/2019

What is this class about? Water supply. Superfund cleanup. Geothermal energy. Hydraulic fracturing. And more. What do these have in common? Groundwater: Crucial in Colorado, crucial worldwide:   

  • Water: 99% of the world’s liquid fresh water is groundwater.

  • Environment: 85% of Superfund sites have contaminated groundwater. This course places groundwater in the context of the hydrologic cycle, then covers water flow in aquifers, well hydraulics, and subsurface contaminant transport.  

Who should take this class? Current and prospective graduate students in hydrology, environmental engineering, sustainability, or environmental sciences. Undergraduate civil engineers may take this course as a technical elective after earning an A or B in CVEN‐3313.

Instructor: David C. Mays, P.E. Ph.D. ( Schedule: Monday and Wednesday, 5:00‐6:15 pm, starting 8/19/2019 Text:  Fitts (2013), Groundwater Science, 2nd edition, ISBN 978‐0‐1‐2384705‐8