Course Announcement—Fall 2018 CVEN‐5335 Vadose Zone Hydrology

What is this class about? The vadose zone, linking the earth’s surface to groundwater, is crucial in water supply and environmental remediation. This class covers vadose zone hydrology, including infiltration, evaporation, drainage, subsurface remediation, and software HYDRUS‐1D.

Who should take this class? Current and prospective graduate students in hydrology, environmental engineering, sustainability, or environmental sciences. Undergraduate civil engineers may take this course as a technical elective after earning an A or B in CVEN‐3313.

Instructor: David C. Mays, P.E. Ph.D. ( Schedule: Monday and Wednesday, 5:00‐6:15 pm, starting 8/20/2018 Text:    Tindall, J.A. and J.R. Kunkel (1999), Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for       Scientists and Engineers, ISBN 0‐13‐660713‐6 ← available free online